SP 2023

Team France brings home the gold medal as amine456, RaphMec, Adenothe, Tayadaoc & Pampa50 perform an iconic 5-0 sweep against Portugal/Poland, who in turn receive their silver medal. USA 4 takes down Spain/Netherands in the consolation match for the bronze.

F 2022

The second edition of the Retro Olympics is announced. With unique casters, referees and a country-based team format the competition reaches new heights. Nydaxn creates an entire brand for the Olympics, including streaming assets.

SU 2022

After intense battles filled with passion and sportsmanship, the dust settles. From it emerges the 1st Retro Olympic Champion: Gamechamp! She takes home the gold medal. The runner-up is TheoVellum. Bendyhuman takes the bronze medal.


VoiceOfAutumn writes the initial plan for the 1st Retro Olympics. He then recruits Searo as a co-host to get support on the technical side of things. Together they create the foundation of what later will become the immensly popular competitive retro gaming tournament: The Retro Olympics.